A religious ranting on premarital sex

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A religious ranting on premarital sex

Film Dawn of the Dead Marianne Bryant, who is the head of a group of religious conservative students.

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Before setting her sights on Olive, who she and everyone else believes has had premarital sex, Marianne petitioned to have the school football team to be renamed to Woodchucks from Devils. Apparently, she picked up the trait from her father, a priest. Nute Gunray from the prequel trilogy era of Star Warsthough he is a political and economical example, rather than religious.

Literature Less sympathetic is the Bear-Cult in the Belgariad universe, a group of raging, racist fanatics with a "conversion by sword" mentality and a misogynist streak a mile wide.

A religious ranting on premarital sex

The eponymous figure, representing a Corrupt Churcheffectively tells Jesus Christ to His face that His teachings are no longer relevant to either the world in general or the Church in particular. Margaret White, the mother of Carrie in both the book and the film. Within their society, religious doubt was absolutely not tolerated.

Terry Pratchett parodies the concept of fundamentalism with the Omnians, who cling to their monotheistic beliefs despite being demonstrably wrong. The majority of them are depicted as basically nice people, however, just irritatingly overzealous at times. Small Gods is the story of how they got past the old fire and brimstone style of fundamentalism.

Vorbis the Exquisitor is perhaps the ultimate fundamentalist. He has no trouble admitting to himself and a few others that it is irrelevant if something is empirically found to contradict the teachings of their holy book, because real truth is found within.

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Supernatural beings see his mind as a steel ball; nothing can get in or out. In the end, after his death, he finds himself in the desert where several of his victims have also found themselves.

They actually found it to be a hopeful new start. Judgement Day, a sect of modern Omnian fundamentalists raises a court case to gain custody of the Roundworld a Bigger on the Inside miniature universe created by the wizards that also happens to be ours on the grounds that the world being round is an idea of their religion.

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Incidentally, they defend this idea of the shape of the world confidently while ignoring the plain evidence to the contrary. Their spokesman eventually calls Om to be his witness, and this being the Discworld, the god is obliged to appear.

The golem constable in the Watch, Dorfl, being ceramic and thus fireproof has proven to be something of a challenge in this regard. Dwarfs ostensibly have no religion, but being a dwarf itself is like a religion, and there are people who are fundamentalists about being dwarfs.

Typically these are found among the grags, the quasi- religious specialists, though not all of them are like that.Feb 12,  · Especially from the standards of religious viewpoints. If anything, a deistic worldview makes more sense than a Christian, Jewish, Mormon, or Muslim one.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legalized? Aug 16,  · Best Answer: They do because the Bible is very hard to follow if not, in fact, impossible.

Oct 05,  · Im a Christian and a heteroromantic ace. I love God, and I believe with all of my heart. However, Im not like other Christians. Were supposed to find a nice Christian girl, go through some repressed, weird dating rituals, get married and live happily ever after. Were supposed to not lust, and to. Patience With God has ratings and 39 reviews. Tucker said: Frank Schaeffer seems like a kind, sensitive person, someone I'd like to be in a close fri /5(39). If the negative consequences of premarital sex were completely eliminated, would any but the most cowed and brainwashed believers follow those silly religious injunctions? And, as Connie rightly points out, banning the morning-after pill would actually increase the number of abortions.

They also like to claim that they are perfect and not sinners at all when in actuality most of them sin more than non-believers. I don't even think it can be good for someone not to have sex before benjaminpohle.com: Resolved. Loved the comment on premarital sex leading to dancing ..

I think that was deliberate? Many many times, I have been met with the suggestion that "I have a personal relationship with Jesus . but I don't have to be in church to have that relationship".

Pamela Walford an outstanding in depth article on women ministering The Christian church yielded to the influence of the Greco-Roman culture in which it was immersed, relinquishing the egalitarianism that had been established by Jesus and set the stage for the subjugation and silencing of women that has spanned more than two millennia and continues to detrimentally impact the lives of women today.

Do people really know what hidden treasures the devout religious truly are.


Biochemists, medical doctors, engineers, highly trained and disciplined individuals who gave up the secular life to become consecrated religious. Aug 31,  · Tags: abortion, birth control, Catholic Church, news, premarital sex, ranting, religion, reproductive health, safe sex, sex, sexuality, women About Sexually Oriented I have a lot of thoughts about healthy sex and sexuality.

A religious ranting on premarital sex
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