Academic writing in english a process-based approaching

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Academic writing in english a process-based approaching

Standards-Based Teaching and Differentiation Carol Ann Tomlinson Are standards-based instruction and differentiated learning incompatible concepts? Many educators, pressured to help their students succeed on high-stake standards and tests, wonder how to address the individual needs of students while preparing them for a standardized curriculum.

But, the authors argue, it can—and must—be done. First, educators need to understand how their standards-based curriculum influences the general quality of teaching and learning. Once we ensure that standards-based practices are aligned with positive teaching practices, we can begin to differentiate the curriculum for a variety of diverse learners.

With examples of how standards-based curriculum can succeed and fail in real classrooms, the authors emphasize that we must never forsake such positive teaching practices as differentiated learning for inadequately developed standards. Pettig To say that there is a single, perfect example of differentiated instruction is a contradiction in terms.

Differentiated instruction has as many faces as it has practitioners and as many outcomes as there are learners. It is not a trendy quick fix, a new set of blackline masters, or a ready-to-go kit.

academic writing in english a process-based approaching

Instead, many educators learn to practice differentiated instruction through trial and error. Rather than reinventing the differentiated instruction wheel, one district offers advice on the basis of five years experience.

academic writing in english a process-based approaching

They advise educators to work with a buddy, align their curriculum objectives, preassess student knowledge and skills, plan flexible grouping, shift responsibility for learning from the teacher to the students, and provide student choice. The author offers suggestions to elementary and middle and high school teachers of where to start differentiating the curriculum.

A middle school language arts teacher outlines how she incorporated differentiation into her classroom. She describes three ways to differentiate curriculum, through content, process, and product. She shares four basic tips for approaching differentiating instruction, which she gleaned from research: She then describes how she progressively increased differentiated instruction activities to her class.

Differentiating Cooperative Learning Nancy Schniedewind and Ellen Davidson When teachers implement cooperative learning thoughtfully and differentiate tasks within it, they can personalize student learning and help students collaborate while challenging each individual.

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Cooperative learning also encourages students to appreciate their peers' diverse competencies and experiences. Classroom examples illustrate how to differentiate tasks for complexity and quantity within a heterogeneous cooperative group; use high-achieving students' work; employ cooperative groups to enhance individualized work; plan peer tutoring that challenges tutors and tutees; add options for enrichment within cooperative learning; design cooperative activities for multiple intelligences; vary criteria for success; and value cognitive, social, and emotional learning.

Teachers who work with heterogeneous cooperative learning groups develop skills along with their students by experimenting, observing, listening carefully to both the academic learning and emotional responses of all the students, and staying focused on personalized learning within a cooperative framework.

Such student behavior is common in classrooms, but how do we encourage these students to become active learners? A three-step process, based on the Human Dynamics model, has students self-assess their learning dynamics, collaborate with their teacher to identify their emotional competencies, and complete a contract to strengthen classroom learning performance.Still another exception is the same verbs when introducing academic incentives for students to create their own experiences that is the.

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