Action inquiry

In the post below, Elaine Herdman-Barker and Bill Torbert introduce the powerful idea of action inquiry.

Action inquiry

Is it just mindfulness?

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My take on this is that you need to be able to practice mindfulness to be in the present moment, however action inquiry seeks to use the data that being in the present moment provides in order to transform. Anybody, no matter where they are in the organisation, Action inquiry formal power they have or do not have, can become more effective by practicing action inquiry.

Action inquiry can allow you to become increasingly capable of making future visions happen, as you become more alert to opportunities as they unfold and work in more effective ways.

It is in essence a moment to moment way of living whereby we attune ourselves through inquiry which is no easy feat and according to the authors why action inquiry is a virtually unknown process. But perhaps it has been bundled up by many in the terminology of Mindfulness. It is as the authors say a way of learning anew, in the moment how best to act now.

It is further challenging in that it requires opening ourselves to vulnerability as we inquire within in order to hopefully transform. And when change occurs there is always grief and loss for what you might be leaving behind.

Some personal and real reasons why somebody might want to take it on include the following: You can see that it can help in all areas of life. Essentially it is being mindfully aware of the external and internal in the same moment allowing us to attend to, learn from and modify our actions and possibly even our way of thinking as a result.

The three primary aims of action inquiry are: Every action and every inquiry is implicitly action inquiry Action inquiry interweaves research and practice in the present moment Although we rarely remember, at any moment in the regular routines of our days we can intentionally use action inquiry Action inquiry seeks to interweave subjective, inter subjective and objective data The transforming power of action inquiry comes from an intentional shared vision; alertness to gaps among vision, performance and outcomes in ourselves and others; and a willingness to play a leading role with others in transformational change which requires us to be vulnerable to transformational change ourselves.

Action inquiry

My personal experience of action inquiry is most readily identified in my parenting. When I was able to recognise this I essentially used action inquiry to notice the tension, identify the gap between how I was reacting and how that made me feel.

Give it a go when you next experience an emotion or a tension. Inquire into it and there is usually something useful to learn about yourself or others.

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As Director of Programs my role is to develop programs and evolve the GLF to meet our mission of creating wiser leaders.Action research is an interactive inquiry process that balances problem-solving actions implemented in a collaborative context with data-driven collaborative analysis or research to understand underlying causes enabling future predictions about personal and organizational change.

Action Inquiry & Global Leadership Profile Workshops. at Alicante, Spain, Spain – Jun at Boston, USA – Oct Timely Transformation of Action Inquiry Leadership. A new generation of Action Inquiry leadership is taking over, as will be evident when you visit any of the links offered above and briefly introduced below.

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Action inquiry is a lifelong process of transformational learning that helps individuals and organizations perform in effective, and sustainable ways.

Dr. Bill Torbert, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Expert in Action Inquiry, and seasoned Author, Trainer and Consultant # Transforming the Action Logics of Leaders, Teams and Organizations through Action Inquiry. The process of action research assists educators in assessing needs, documenting the steps of inquiry, analyzing data, and making informed decisions that can lead to desired.

Action inquiry is a way of simultaneously conducting action and inquiry as a disciplined leadership practice that increases the wider effectiveness of our actions.

Action inquiry

Such action helps.

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