Alternative methods of procurement

The HISD Procurement Services Department strives to control costs while ensuring the uninterrupted flow of products and services necessary to effectively and efficiently operate the district.

Alternative methods of procurement

Web-based ordering from Preferred Vendors All other purchases from both Preferred Vendors not in iBuyNU and other external vendors For payment of repetitive services under contract from both Preferred Vendors and other external vendors To request a check to pay for services that do not fit the normal PO process such as registration fees, subscriptions, memberships, unplanned emergency services To pay for goods and services that do not require a PO such as subscriptions, memberships, emergencies; not to be used for items in iBuyNU About Requisitions Most purchases of most goods and services from outside vendors are to begin with the initiation of a Requisition in NUFinancials either a catalog Requisition through iBuyNU or a non-catalog Requisition.

Requisitions must be initiated at the time the product or service needs to be ordered, not when it is time to pay for the product or service. Requisitions need to be detailed and correct.

Alternative methods of procurement

A fully approved and budget checked Requisition is automatically sourced into a Purchase Order that begins with the prefix PUR during normal batch processing no manual intervention by Procurement and Payment Services is necessary in most cases.

The official Purchase Order is then sent to the vendor. This process occurs multiple times per day, and once the sourcing process runs, all purchase orders are then almost immediately dispatched to the vendors.

This eliminates the need and perceived benefits associated with phone orders and blanket orders. The system provides an appropriate audit trail since all transactions are captured in the system specific to each individual purchase, putting the University in the best position to pay for purchases in a timely manner.

Starting with a Requisition ensures that an approved and official Purchase Order is issued. Electronic invoices are automatically sent to Accounts Payable.

Learn more about the benefits of using iBuyNU. Non-Catalog Requisition Non-catalog requisitions should be used for purchases from non-preferred vendors as well as preferred vendors that are not enabled in iBuyNU.

New Procurement Framework and Regulations for Projects After July 1,

NUFinancials does not restrict your ability to order from any vendor. There is more manual entry required for these orders. There is an option to select one of these types in the Requisition initiation process in NUFinancials.An IT procurement process, formal or informal, exists in every organization that acquires information technology.

Alternative methods of procurement

As users of information systems increasingly find themselves in roles as customers of multiple technology vendors, this IT procurement process assumes greater management significance. Procurement methods are the procedures used by the procuring entity to acquire goods, services and works.

These methods can be competitive and non competitive. There’s a preference for using competitive methods of procurement given that they tend to promote transparency, economy and efficiency, and limit favoritism. NOTICE: All vendors must be selected under one of the procurement methods stipulated in Chapter 44, section of the Texas Education Code and approved by the HISD Board of Education before HISD can begin using their goods and/or services.

ALTERNATIVE PROCUREMENT METHODS (Approved by FHWA) Lump Sum Bidding: A procurement method that requires the contractor to develop the estimated quantities as part of.

Methods of source selection -- authorization for alternative procurement methods, MCA

The USPTO makes every effort to have EFS-Web available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event that EFS-Web is unavailable and you are trying to meet a deadline, you may file your patent application using alternative methods.

This page explains how. AUI, Inc., offers alternative procurement methods. AUI Inc. (AUI) is a % New Mexico owned and operated corporation with over 30 years of experience in Heavy Highway Utility Construction Contracting.

Managing the IT Procurement Process