An analysis of capstone reflection 2

Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website. For your final assignment in this course, reflect on your experiences in this course and at Grantham so far.

An analysis of capstone reflection 2

The purpose of this reflection journal paper is for you to reflect upon your experiences in the BUILD program, as well as the relationship of the workshops to your lives. It is hoped that as you work through this process of reflection, you will then look at the What Next?

As you will see in the presentation, reflection formats differ depending upon learning styles. However, for the most part, a reflection paper cites your reactions, feelings and analysis of an experience in addition to an analysis of content.

free essay on capstone reflection 2 What does this have to do with a capstone reflection paper, you ask? Well, creating capstone projects is a great way to help you develop critical thinking skills.
reflection paper about Case Analysis Capstone | Usa Online Essays Identify specific healthcare delivery models you support, and compare and contrast public health programs you are familiar with.
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In addition, this reflection will allow you to gain deeper understanding of your own values, goals, and actions in light of this program. This process will begin by your creation of your own mission statement.

The final paper should be approximately pages long. If you have gone to workshops that included readings, feel free to integrate those readings into your final reflection.

An analysis of capstone reflection 2

In addition, we hope that you will relate what the workshops had to offer to your observations of your environment and person—your work, your family, your society, yourself! And then, we hope that this reflection will energize you to begin thinking of next steps in your diversity journey—what you would like to see, what you would like to do.

An analysis of capstone reflection 2

Have fun with this. This capstone project allows students the opportunity to explore a problem or issue of particular personal or professional interest and to address that problem. The project allows for the synthesis and application of knowledge and skills acquired through the BUILD workshops to real-life issues and problems.

Diversity continues to be an important goal of the last two strategic plans and operationalizing this commitment is evident by, among many other things, the creation of the BUILD program.

Consistent with this mission and goals, participants of the capstone will: Provide a one or two sentence description that defines your project. Save the specifics for the sections below; here, explain the big picture 2.

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If it is appropriate, discuss any key agencies, departments, parties involved. Is your project mainly analytical or investigative e.

Why have you chosen this project? What is the problem or opportunity you see in choosing this project? What importance does this project have for you? What are your goals and outcomes for this project? How are you going to proceed?

What research must you do in order to complete your goals for your project? Do you have a timeline?

With us you get:

What do you anticipate that will be? Who might be resources for you in this project? What do you need to learn before beginning? What is your timeline? Setting up diversity training for my place of worship.

Research the various diversity programs at the Department of Aging. Create a brown bag lunch symposium for my unit regarding a specific topic of diversity. Write a grant application for a diversity project 6. Analyze an existing diversity initiative 7.Using your reflection journals as a springboard, write a page reflection paper addressing the following questions.

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External Dialectics Symbolic Interactionism According to Em Griffin’s text, A First Look at Communication Theory. Composition Forum 17, Fall The Case of the Capstone Course: Reflection and the Commonalities between English and University Studies. Our Capstone Reflection Paper Suggestions Capstone reflection papers are a true challenge.

They can help you to understand everything you did in the course of your capstone project – or they can simply be an additional source of frustration and anger.5/5.

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