Bbc world business report script essbase

Pulling it via Excel Smart View or the Essbase Add-In is not the best way to get large amounts of data when the goal is to move the data somewhere else, so this option will not be covered.

Bbc world business report script essbase

This API is quite extensive. It provides a programmatic method for defining a logical dimensional data model and instantiating that model in an analytic workspace. These views can be queried to obtain information about the Oracle OLAP data available on your instance.

This allows applications to find cube metadata, such as the list of cubes, measures, dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, and their definitions and interrelationships. This application is installed when the Oracle Database 11 g client tools are installed, and it is generally available under the Integrated Management Tools menu choice, but it can be installed separately as well.

It enables you to develop a logical dimensional model, map logical objects to data sources, and load and aggregate the data.

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Using the OLAP DML, OLAP Worksheet can be used to view data; create new functions and programs; define and maintain forecasts; and add dimension calculation models, allocations, and other analytic enhancements to the cube. It provides a central application for building and managing data warehouses based on relational and multidimensional data.

For the purposes of this book, we will use AWM to build analytic workspaces, dimensions, and cubes in an Oracle Database 11 g database. It is made freely available with no support.


An example of such a tool is Oracle's own Application Express, as well as many third-party tools. Oracle Essbase Architecture and Components As a storage-independent OLAP solution, Essbase can be implemented in an existing IT environment with no modification or disruption to the systems containing your source data.

The data for an Essbase database can come from one or more data sources simultaneously. The following sections describe the architecture for a typical Essbase implementation, as well as the core and optional components.

Essbase Architecture Figure 4 shows a high-level overview of a typical Essbase installation. As you can see, the implementation is broken into three tiers: The client tier contains all of the end user and design components. The middle tier is a web services tier that sits between users end users and administrators and the Essbase a relational database may contain a metadata catalog and may provide source data for the Essbase databases.

Let's start with a high-level look at each of the tiers.

bbc world business report script essbase

A typical Essbase architecture Client Tier The client tier includes the front-end options for Essbase. Analysts may use either Smart View or the Spreadsheet Add-in to retrieve and analyze data and to create ad hoc reports in Microsoft Excel.

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MaxL is a language used by developers to provide command scripts used for scheduled processes.FIGURE Essbase MaxL Shell window Executing a MaxL Script.

MaxL is a command-line shell similar to a standard Windows command line. The Essbase MaxL Shell (ESSMSH), shown in Figure 1, inherently knows how to execute the MaxL commands. Sep 11,  · Essbase Report Script The classic way, prior to version 9, was to write a report script. This provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in formatting, but most admins struggle with this method, as it requires an in-depth knowledge of how data is most effectively queried.

Jul 12,  · Re: Report Script in Essbase - fixed width format Mohammed Asif Ahmed-Oracle Jul 12, AM (in response to user) Hi, You can include the WIDTH report command to your script and provide the value accordingly.

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The latest business and finance news from around the world, on the BBC. Oracle Essbase is the industry-leading multidimensional OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) database. Previously known as Hyperion Essbase, it is designed to help organizations manage business performance information and deliver speed-of-thought ‘what-if’ analysis, as well as standard reporting across varying conditions.

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