Brutus mistakes essay

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Brutus mistakes essay

Hire Writer Obviously, Brutus misjudged the effect that Antony would have on the crowd. Along with the original bad decision of allowing Antony to speak, Brutus then goes and decides to leave when he is finished delivering his own speech at the funeral of Caesar.

Without Brutus there Antony was free to speak to the crowd without any challenge or interruption. Brutus manufactured two brutal mistakes regarding Mark Antony. Lastly, a mistake which lead to his own death was his battle plans for the war at Philippi.

When Titanus is sent to check on the battle proceedings, Pindarus mistakenly reports him captured by the enemy.

Brutus mistakes essay

Cassius then asks Pindarus to kill him. He runs onto a sword held by Strato and ends his life.

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The mistake of marching forth at the war of Philippi lead to confusion and defeat. Thus, another mistake made by Brutus.


In conclusion, throughout the play Brutus made several hamartias. Even though Brutus made several mistakes, he was as Antony said, the only conspirator whose intentions were honorable and unselfish.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Perhaps the most destructive of the mistakes made in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is when Brutus joins Cassius and his group in their plan to assassinate Caesar.

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Brutus is a man who loves Rome: he. Our website is the source for the latest security and strategic research from the military's link to the academic community.

The Strategic Studies Institute is . Brutus makes three tragic mistakes which ultimately lead to his death. The first crucial mistake Brutus makes is letting Mark Antony live. While discussing their plans, Decius asks his fellow conspirators if anybody should be killed besides Caesar.

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