Core assumptions

Define and standardize processes and systems Monitor and analyze outcomes Continually recommend and implement improvements Engage in continuous professional development activities Creativity Draw on a variety of sources for inspiration Envision things in unusual and inventive ways Conceive new ideas and approaches Ethics Engender trust by being accountable Represent self and situations without deception Exhibit fairness in all transactions and interactions Establish and adhere to standards of conduct Strategic Thinking Develop well-articulated organizational vision and goals Link event project to organizational priorities Scan internal and external environments Align activities and resources with strategic plans Sustainability Select environmentally friendly products as appropriate Avoid practices that endanger may habitats or environments Incorporate recycle, reduce, and reuse strategies Employ sound business management practices Please note: Core values are those values that inform and guide the way in which we perform work and conduct our professional activities.

Core assumptions

Generally, they reflect a belief related to specialness that causes individuals to make demands or engage in behaviors regardless of the effect on others.

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Those who maintain an entitlement core belief assume they are superior and deserve a lot of attention or praise. Often times, people develop an entitlement core belief to compensate for feeling defective or socially undesirable.

Entitlement beliefs can lead to unreasonable demands that others meet your needs, rule-breaking, and resentment of successful others. Some entitlement-related beliefs include: Individuals often feel guilty, and compensate by putting the needs of others ahead of their own.

Such people often believe they are responsible for the happiness of others and apologize excessively. Responsible individuals may take pride in their diligence and dependability, without necessarily feeling a need to care for others or engage in self-sacrifice.

People who maintain core beliefs rooted in caretaking, responsibility, or self-sacrifice may have felt overly responsible for family members in their youth. Some people believe these ideas so strongly that they cannot see the untruths in such extreme lines of thoughts.

Core assumptions

Because core beliefs are often born in childhood, they may reflect messages that were overly or implicitly communicated by family members. It can be helpful to determine where your core beliefs materialized, but it is not necessary.

While maladaptive thoughts patterns and core beliefs may be difficult to challenge, many techniques exist that allow change to be possible. Recognizing such beliefs can be an excellent first step.What are the core assumptions and key features of the biological and psychoanalytic perspectives in psychology?

In what ways are they similar and how do they differ? When comparing the biological and psychoanalytic approach to psychology, you are able to see that they are different from one another.

Core assumptions

Reflection without Rules offers a comprehensive, pointed exploration of the methodological tradition in economics and the breakdown of the received view within the philosophy of science. Use 'assumptions' in a Sentence Mary was making assumptions about Sally even though they had just met two minutes ago.

Mary was thinking that Sally was a mean person. This blog entry is the second in a series on Cognitive Therapy. Core beliefs underlie many of the automatic thoughts discussed in the previous blog benjaminpohle.comfying and then challenging such core beliefs can not only change feelings but can also transform a person’s approach to life.

One of the main core assumptions in the biological perspective is that all behaviour can be explained through biological functions and it has a physical root. (materialism). It has a structuralist view point since behaviour is studied in terms of the underlying structure.

Jan 15,  · Usually there is a high degree of confidence in a core assumption, and usually that core assumption doesn't need to be examined very much. a core assumption might be that the force of Status: Resolved.

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