Environmental factors affecting the hotel industry

Environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions4 2. Influence of Global Economic Interdependence5 3. The Effect of Trade Practices and Agreements5 4.

Environmental factors affecting the hotel industry

Obviously, there are many factors which directly affects the hotel industry. It is true that hotel industry has a primary role and affects some tourists. The hotel industry is also referred as hospitality industry.

This includes lots of features such as theme parks, additional fields, transportation, restaurants, lodging and event planning services. All of the hotel industries earn a great revenue. The hotel industry covers a significant number of organizations with a variety of services such as food services, assistance, and accommodation facilities.

The industry is divided into many sectors, and much work will be involved in it.

Environmental factors affecting the hotel industry

Sectors like recreation, tourism, food, meeting, events, entertainment, gaming, food and variety beverage, and visitor details. So that is why researchers have created PESTEL analysis helping to know the external factors which affect hotel industry.

Social and environmental part play a significant role equally in strategic management. However, economic factors are divided into legal factors.

The political factor refers to Government policy which helps in the economy of hotel industry. Political Factors The political factors play a major role especially in the economy of the country.

Environmental factors affecting the hotel industry

The main target of hotel industry is to attract international tourism which will host a variety of different properties. Remember that hotel industry has a backbone of Government and it is the government support helps to sustain in a competitive world. The government charges great amount of tax on the luxury and star category of hotels.

Political changes have a direct impact because of Government, especially on hotel industry.

Political Factors

Any small step taken by Government will inevitably affect hotel industry. The state Government has to take huge decisions which will support the growth of industry.

Environmental Factors Affecting The U.S Hotel Industry | Researchomatic Knowing what these factors are is important for those working in this capacity because it provides them with an opportunity for contingency planning. Even though the variables cannot be controlled, their effects can be mitigated somewhat with careful planning and anticipation.
How has PESTLE factors affected Hospitality Industry | Jaimal Singh Rathore - benjaminpohle.com So my this essay talks about by what kind of changes have been occurred that tells us the variations that took place over the ages in taking and performance of food and beverage channels.
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Take an example of Taj and Oberoi hotel Terror attack; it has substantially dropped the tourism rate. Economic Factors Economic factors include many factors such as taxation changes, inflation, economic growth, interest rates and exchange rates.

It is best to know that economic change does leave a significant impact on the behavior of the firm. All the capital states or province of every country, own wide number of tourists arriving for the purpose of conferences, workshops, business dealing and another sole purpose.

However, hotels worldwide try to capitalize the travelers because they bring great amount of money with them accompanied with huge expectations from five-star hotels. In last years, many guests also pay for the extra services they demand. More guests accommodate in hotel, more services they demand and obviously they pay more which means industry will grow.

With the increasing number of guests, services provided also needs to be luxurious and good.Analysis for hotel industry is the best and modern way to find factors which affect it.

Social and environmental part play a significant role equally in strategic management. However, economic factors are divided into legal factors. Environmental Factors affecting the U.S Hotel Industry Introduction The paper elaborates the environmental factors that affect the global and domestic marketing decisions in a hotel industry of the U.S.

It also discusses briefly the several other factors that affect the organization's marketing decisions. Transcript of Holiday Inn, macro and micro-environmental factors.

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Objectives increasing customer service bla References The micro-environment Conclusion The micro-environment Legal The micro-environment Holiday Inn is part of one of the world’s leading hotel chain – InterContinental Hotels Group.

Holiday Inn opened its doors for the.

Video: Sustainability & Environmental Issues in the Hospitality Industry This lesson will discuss some of the sustainability and environmental issues of the hospitality industry. It will also discuss how these issues impact the business and environment and close with some solutions to the problems.

The main environmental impacts due to the hospitality industry are CO2 emissions, CFC emissions, noise, smoke, smells, health of staff, waste energy, waste water, waste food, waste disposal, agricultural ecology, purchasing policies, transportation policies, sale of souvenirs made from endangered species, location of hotels in fragile locations.

For example: now as there are many legal factors that are affecting Indian Beverage hospitality industry but the most famous which example comes to my mind is .

PESTEL Analysis of Hotel Industry | Free PESTEL Analysis