Gender wage gaps

The standard wage gap measure put out annually by the Census Bureau currently shows that women make 80 cents for every male dollar earned. Earnings are even lower for women of color.

Gender wage gaps

These are external links and will open in a Gender wage gaps window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images For the first time, the extent of the pay differences between men and women in the UK has been exposed.

More than 10, large firms have provided details of their gender pay gap, with three-quarters of them paying men more than women. But apart from that headline fact, the statistics contain a wealth of other information.

So what did we learn? This is based on the median pay gap. If you line up all the men and women working at a company in two separate lines in order of salary, the median pay gap will be the difference in salary between the woman in the middle of her line and the man in the middle of his.

However, it does give us a measure of the differences in men and women's working patterns: Men are over-represented in companies' best-paid jobs, while the proportion of women falls the further up the pay scale you go.

Gender wage gaps

Take the airline industry: Ryanair revealed a Just eight of Ryanair's highly-paid pilots are women, while more than two-thirds of the lower-paid cabin crew is female. Finance firms have reported the biggest fall in women between the lowest-paid and the top-paid workers. Fewer than one in 10 employees in the bank's highest-paid group are women.

Some have criticised the pay gap measure as "crude", while equality campaign group the Fawcett Society says it is an opportunity for employees to talk about pay.

Other sectors also reporting large bonus gaps: Construction and finance firms reported the widest pay gaps. Just 44 of the firms that have reported in these sectors pay women more than they pay men.

Gender Wage Gap By Ethnicity The gender wage gap is a nuanced and complex issue. However, some ethnic subgroups of Asian women earn much less.
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Gender pay gap - Wikipedia Their evaluations take into account economic participation and opportunity, educational attainmenthealth and survival, and political empowerment scores.
The gender pay gap persists Pink collar Occupational segregation refers to the way that some jobs such as truck driver are dominated by men, and other jobs such as child care worker are dominated by women. Considerable research suggests that predominantly female occupations pay less, even controlling for individual and workplace characteristics.
This Is The Impact Of Gender Wage Gap Their evaluations take into account economic participation and opportunity, educational attainmenthealth and survival, and political empowerment scores.

Nearly 40 of the companies with the biggest pay gap are schools or academy trusts. Why do schools have a massive gender pay gap? Some 1, reported their pay gap figures in the last day alone.

In fact, more companies reported in the last day before the deadline than in the first days of the service running. All companies, charities and public sector bodies with more than employees are required to report their gender pay gap figures. What happens to companies that don't publish?

The EHRC is investigating 1, firms that missed the deadline, to see whether they fall into this category. Firms that fail to comply could face an unlimited fine. Meanwhile, companies with fewer than employees didn't need to file their pay gap figures - but did so voluntarily anyway.

Want to find out the gender pay gap at your company? Try the calculator below.The mean gender pay gap is the difference between mean male pay and mean female pay. The median gap is the difference between the employee in the middle of the range of .

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Gender Pay Gap Ratios, Stats and Infographics | PayScale

state has a gender pay gap, and some are wider than others. Share this information with state and federal legislators as a call to action for stronger laws, use it to educate folks in your community about the gender pay gap, and share it with your online networks. The gender pay gap is the result of many factors, including occupational segregation, bias against working mothers, and direct pay discrimination.

Additionally, such things as racial bias, disability, access to education, and age come into play. The gender wage gap also varies depending on what job a woman holds.

Gender wage gaps

According to an analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data for occupations from , financial adviser is the profession. Besides Louisiana, Utah, Indiana, Alabama and West Virginia also have some of the highest pay gaps.

States with the smallest wage gaps include California, New York, Florida, Delaware and Vermont. Sharing with policymakers, local press, and on social media is a great way to start moving the needle on the gender pay gap. Download your state’s policy guide, with state and congressional information, for sharing.

Gender pay gap has narrowed, but changed little in past decade