Halliburton management planning function

Silica better identify exciting new growth opportunities, and continuing to invest in and strengthen our existing team. Shinn has served as our president since March and as our chief executive officer and a member of our board of directors since January Prior to assuming this position, Mr.

Halliburton management planning function

The program includes nearly papers being presented across 18 technical sessions, as well as an opening session and a plenary session. The discussion will focus on how the drilling industry is affected by escalating cost trends, as well as potential strategies to address that challenge.

Also on 18 March, a young professionals program will provide next-generation employees an opportunity to engage with experienced industry professionals.

The half-day program will be followed by a luncheon featuring keynote speaker Catherine MacGregor, President of Europe and Africa, Schlumberger.

These abstracts have been edited for space and clarity. This program is current as of 14 January. Additions, withdrawals and other changes to the conference program after this date may not be reflected.

Thorogood, Drilling Global Consultant; S. Five Years On, A. Kelly, Nexen Petroleum UK InNexen published a landmark paper on well time estimation Probabilistic Well Time Estimation Revisited, SPEwhich for the first time allowed accurate calculation of probabilistic duration for non-critical wells.

It has since been much consulted downloads to dateand its data and analysis methods widely used by others. This paper broadens the method and data coverage to extended-reach and HPHT wells. Peterson, Risked Decisions Managers crave greater confidence in well construction costs, from the option of a cost estimate for investment decisions, through cost estimation for budgeting, to cost tracking and control during well construction, and finally, for validity of performance tracking and benchmarking.

In this paper, we will describe fully advanced methodologies for effective well cost management and document their benefits to decision-makers and our industry.

Halliburton management planning function

Tench, BP This paper summarizes some of the challenges encountered and the common findings from more than 50 hazard and operability studies conducted on drillships, jackups, semisubmersibles and land rigs. BP uses HAZOPs during its rig intake process to review the surface gas and mud-handling systems during drilling, well control, well completion, tripping and stripping operations.

Thorogood, Drilling Global Consultant; K. Lauche, Radboud University; M. Crichton, People Factor Consultants; I. Pollard, Fairfield Energy; L. Hviid, Maersk Drilling; B. Verweijen, Radboud University Netherlands The paper will review the principles underlying the essential psychological concepts, such as cognitive bias, weak signals and chronic unease.

It will discuss the non-technical skills needed to overcome them.

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It will show how human factors influences may be recognized in routine drilling operations and give examples of how biases affect decision-making. Practical applications of human factors techniques will be described, along with methods being implemented to train and assess non-technical skills.

The paper will summarize the main points that emerged from the presentations and ensuing discussions.

Halliburton management planning function

It will be supplemented with references for further reading and highlight practical tools and insights that can be applied in day-to-day operations. Thorogood, Drilling Global Consultant The paper uses information in published reports to review the events leading up to the Macondo loss of well control.

Avoiding as far as possible the trap of hindsight, it offers alternative interpretations that might follow from the ambiguities inherent in the data and how the resulting decision would have appeared logical given the cues with which the crew was presented.

The paper considers the implications of these findings on current initiatives under way in the industry relating to enhanced well control and crew training. Lovorn, Halliburton MPD was developed as a group of technologies to more precisely control the annular pressure profile for which accuracy of the estimation of the bottomhole pressure is important under severe wave heaves in deepwater environments.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the dynamic axial response of the drill string with friction to applied heaving velocity, with particular interest to the effect at the bottomhole pressure.

Salvo-Shook, Weatherford As the industrywide adoption of MPD continues, the recent emergence of reliable continuous flow systems is right at its heels, offering many parallels in wellbore pressure control and protection.The left atrial appendage (LAA) is a finger-like extension originating from the main body of the left atrium.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common clinically important cardiac arrhythmia, occurring in approximately % to 1% of the general population and increasing with . After reviewing Halliburton how would you evaluate the planning function of management within the company?

o What influence have legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility had on management planning at Halliburton.

ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology market research firm for industry, manufacturing, infrastructure and cities. Leverage your technology investments today () Halliburton's bottom-line results for the first half of the year weren't great, but there were signs that things were getting better, as revenue was growing at a blistering pace.

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Experienced Planning Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Petroleum, Gas, Directional Wells Design, Analytical Skills, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and benjaminpohle.com: Lead Well Planning Engineer at .

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