Handwriting analysis for employment

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Handwriting analysis for employment

Thomas is an energetic and highly successful businesswoman currently living in Ocala, FL. Born in Baltimore and raised in Miami, Mary moved to Ocala to become involved in the horse business.

Many of her accomplishments rise from her work in the staffing and equine industries. When she moved to Ocala, Mary was interested in becoming a farm manager, but ended up starting a staffing agency for farms, now called Equistaff.

handwriting analysis for employment

Her specialized equine staffing agency started on a shoestring budget and is now a highly successful and diverse business; it was also the first equine staffing company in the United States.

Equistaff is now available online at www. To keep up with ever-changing technology www. Thomas has started several extremely successful staffing firms in Florida. Now a national firm, she recruits nationwide with satellite offices in Ohio, Michigan, and Tennessee.

Find out more at www. Fasttrack has doubled in size in three years and most recently opened a Jacksonville, Florida location. Most recently, Mary has founded MKT Talentwhere she applies her experience as a certified life coach and career counselor.

The mission of this company is to guide people as they strive toward becoming their personal best.

Handwriting Analysis: When people write in all capitals

Mary is a member of the South East Handwriting Association and her services include handwriting analysis. Thomas is available as a consultant for small business start-ups and staffing projects as well as life coaching and handwriting analysis.

With a passion for ballroom dancing, Mary opened a studio and now is the owner of Dance Dance Dance, a studio that supports ballroom and other types of dancing. Learn about lessons and coaching at dancedancedance. Thomas is available for consulting projects, contact jobs maryk.Search CareerBuilder for Handwriting Analysis Jobs and browse our platform.

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Handwriting Analysis as an Assessment Aid — Central Intelligence Agency

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We will provide you with general guidance on the legality of considering handwriting analysis in employment decisions and the pre-employment inquiries concerning the applicant's age and use of medication.

handwriting analysis for employment
Handwriting Analysis - Learn to analyse personality from handwriting