Ideas for first graders to write about

There were three little pigs who were forced to roam, So each decided to build a home.

Ideas for first graders to write about

Be prepared for the longest.

ideas for first graders to write about

In February, my teaching partner forced coerced asked me nicely to present a half-day session with her for our divisional P. I get so nervous talking in front of peers, but we had a lot of fun!

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We decided to do a session on writing because that was something we both chose as one of our focuses for professional growth this year. We spent the session talking about how we each do writing in our classrooms and gave some writing ideas lots of Pinterest and TpT inspired!

To start this blog entry, I thought I would describe my whole literacy routine for you. I am by no means an expert on this, but this is what I have done this year that really works for me and my group. I spend pretty much all morning doing literacy activities.

We do a little sight word chant ex.

Fairy Tales - Lessons Ideas Pintables and More For Teachers

Give me a G! Give me an E! Give me a T! What does that spell? I used to lead the cheer, but now I pick a student to do it and they really get into it.

Then we write the sight word in the poem, share read the poem together, and add the sight word to our word wall. I do a lot of modelling reading skills left to right, expression, etc.

Word Work - We usually do a whole group lesson or indivudual activity involving a phonics skill, word family, poem of the week, emergent reader, etc.


I love Deedee Wills ' monthly poetry packs. We have been using these a lot! I actually have 26 students now and the colours have been moved around a bit, but you get the general idea. The different coloured stickies are my reading groups The students who are orange and yellow are my pull out students.

So my centre groups are kind of heterogeneous, but kind of mixed up. I have five different centres - Read to Self from book boxesListen to Reading on mp3 playersWriting free writing in journalsComputer we have a subscription to Raz Kidsand Word Work ten tubs they can choose from I don't dictate where they go or how often, as long as they are working on something each time.

I change these up whenever I feel like it. Some of them are from my monthly word work packs. Others have stayed the same since September, like Wikki Sticks and alphabet puzzles. I don't put myself as a centre because sometimes I spend longer with certain groups or I just want to pull students one-on-one to do running records.

This gives me lots of flexibility! I am also lucky to also have a Grade 12 student who volunteers in my room every morning from 9: She pulls out students one-on-one to practice sight words and reread books. It's also great because from Write these words on the board with definitions, and have the students write down the words and definitions on paper.

As the students learn about the lesson, let . Writing Curriculum, Kindergarten Writing, Teaching Writing, Writing Activities, Teaching Ideas, Second Grade Writing, First Grade Spelling, Writing Folders, Alphabet Charts. Find this Pin and more on First Grade Writing by Mary-Lynn Hanley.

See more. Writing Folder Tools for K Get ready for Fall with these first grade writing activities. Students write fall letters, complete graphic organizers, respond to literature, etc.

Activities and topics include an autumn poem, scarecrow craft, pumpkins, apples, Johnny Appleseed, fall animals, and more. I have created this list of Thanksgiving and November writing prompts and ideas for elementary school teachers and students.

You will find some Thanksgiving and November writing prompts below that contain underlined links. Find ideas and resources for teaching How-To writing in the classroom! This post contains affiliate links. First Grade Buddies is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to .

Here are some fabulous ideas for the all-important first day of class: Getting to know your new students The first day of class is a great opportunity to get to know your new students and .

Simple Pumpkin Ideas for Kindergarten and First Grade -