Legally blonde essay

Plot[ edit ] Elle Woods wants her ChihuahuaBruiser, to reunite with his mother, because she would like Bruiser's mom to attend her wedding to Emmett. Elle hires a detective to find Bruiser's mother, only to discover that the owner of her dog's mother is C'est Magnifique, a cosmetics company that uses Bruiser's mother for "testing". She finds out that her law firm represents the C'est Magnifique Corporation and when she urges the firm to drop them as a client, she's fired. Elle is upset that her dog's mother is in a make-up testing laboratory, and decides to take it upon herself to be the "voice for those who can't speak" and to outlaw animal testing.

Legally blonde essay

Elle goes into a deep depression, spending days in her room. Her friends come to take her to get her nails done, and she finds out from the newspaper that Warner is engaged to a girl named Vivian who he met in law school.

Elle thinks she can win Warner back by becoming a Lawyer. Upon her arrival, people Legally blonde essay Harvard disapprove of her because she acts like a dumb blonde.

Legally blonde essay

Elle realizes that Warner will never respect her, so she tries really hard at law school to prove him wrong.

Elle works on a case with a young attorney named Emmet. Elle knows the defendant Brooks in the case and believes she's innocent.

Elle begins doing good work on the case and wins the favor of Vivian. The case goes on in court, with Emmet doing a lot of cross-examining. Elle must step up and use everything she has learned to find Brooks innocent.

Click here to see the rest of this review Best part of story, including ending: What I liked about this movie was that an underdog won in the end. Best scene in story: My favorite scene was when she won the case in the end because she did a good job.

Opinion about the main character: What I liked most about the main character is that she proved her naysayers wrong.


The review of this Movie prepared by Vagrig Nazari a Level 7 Marbled Godwit scholar This movie is about a girl that thought she was going to propose but found out that she got dumped by her boyfriend Warner. Supposely She wasnt smart eough for his parents to except her.

To prove him wrong she tries to get into Harvard Law School. She studies for the LSATs, submits a video essay--in which she appears in a sequined bikini--and, miraculously, is accepted.

At first, Elle is rebuked by Professor Stromwell and is the target of snide comments from other students. The review of this Movie prepared by Moose Ditsy but kind Elle Woods Witherspoon lives in a practically perfect life, surrrounded by frivolous and sweet girls, hair and nail salons, and above all pink, pink and more pink.

She is convinced that her boyfriend Warner Davis, will propose to her that night at dinner. Instead he dumps her, saying that he needs someone more serious if he's going to go to Harvard law school, and be a senater by the time he's thirty.

Heartbroken, Elle decides the only way she can win him back is to go to Harvard as well. The first few classes don't go very well, but she trys hard to prove she can be a serious and intelligent law student.

But the challenge to get Warner back just got bigger. He's proposed to another more serious law student named Vivian Blair who as well as Elle and Warner gets into a law internship.

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But citing his ambitions in law and politics, and saying he needs a more "serious" partner, Warner dumps her. Plucky Elle decides to follow him to Harvard she manages to get herself admitted after majoring in fashionand win her man back. Eventually, she finds herself a law firm intern on a heavy murder case, still hoping to win her guy back from snooty Eastern preppie gal Vivian Kensington Blair.

This fluffy comedy is rather obvious, silly, implausible, not that funny, and has a weak ending -- but it's a wonderfully charming piece of work anyway, mostly due to Witherspoon's terrific performance and a couple of mildly surprising plot turns.

Raquel Welch has a cute cameo as the murdered man's ex-wife.Free Essay: “Legally Blonde” Analysis Feminism has become the great issue in this modern era.

The emerging of second wave feminism in the late 60s had bring. Read Legally Blonde free essay and over 88, other research documents. Legally Blonde.

Legally blonde essay

One doesn't expect deep intelligence from a warm-weather Hollywood romance, but "Legally Blonde" has enough plot holes to drive Warner's /5(1). Get your scented papers ready! Reese Witherspoon is reportedly nearing a deal to reprise her role as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde — and this time she’s also producing through her Hello.

Mar 22,  · Legally Blonde is a surprisingly feminist work where a woman learns that her entire life does not revolve around the affairs of a man, but instead empowers herself to reach beyond him and every other man she comes across. Sheridan Smith in Legally Blonde the Musical.

Photograph: Tristram Kenton I t is, of course, preposterous: an LA fashion student conquers Harvard law school and becomes a . "Legally Blonde" is a career misstep for a talented actress capable of creating much more complex characters. Aug 18, 69%().

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