Perona alias ghostwriter services

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Perona alias ghostwriter services

It could a memoir, a fictional story that would make a good read, maybe even a movie, a real-life injustice that cries for exposure, or simply a way to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen field of endeavor. You can hire me to ghostwrite, story edit, consult or assist you on any aspect of your book, novel, story, memoir, celebrity, injustice, film or entertainment property, Blog, White Paper, or brand.

However, my services are primarily geared toward the following: Ghostwriting under your name only, with me writing the book invisibly, as a ghost Memoir Ghostwriting — Share a slice of your life with the world! He has since become the most prolific ghostwriter in history.

So what is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is an unaccredited writer, the guy or gal who writes the book on which another person — from the famous to the obscure — puts his or her name.

What is a “Ghostwriter for Hire”?

But let me add a thought to this notion of ghostwriting. These people all call upon me, sometimes with an NDA to accompany it.

That said, many people who find me because they are looking for a ghost, change their minds and make me proudly a co-writer. A ghost of a ghost, imagine that.Ghostwriting Services Past Projects Contact. or you | with Steve Eggleston, with me or a nom de plume, i.e., alias, depending on the subject matter) Story Editor (me helping you sort out your story, write certain chapters, move the plot forward, “Ghostwriter for hire” is the opening phrase from Andrew Crofts’ book, “Confessions.

The GhostWriters' professional writing services makes it easy. The Ghost Writer is a Franco-German-British political thriller film directed by Roman Polanski. Read about the important distinctions (and hire a ghostwriter) here. Ghostwriter services usa Nick August 08, Usa essay writing services toronto.

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perona alias ghostwriter services

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perona alias ghostwriter services

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