Problems faced by children in india essay

Share2 Shares Children are the future and it is the responsibility of adults to protect them and ensure that they get the best footing in life. Unfortunately this is not always the case in many nations around the world — including our own! This list looks at ten of the worst situations that children today are forced to face. It is hard to believe that these situations still occur, but learning about them is a good way to start trying to help.

Problems faced by children in india essay

India, with its diversified culture, civilization, natural resources, technology and huge skilled human resources, is also a fastest growing economy in the world. But at the same time there are several problems plaquing our Modern India which is affecting the growth and development.

These problems can be broadly classified as: Socio-economic Problems Other major Problems 1. Even after six decades of independence, the country is still fighting against this social evil of poverty.

Problems faced by child labour

It is estimated that nearly one third of Indian population of 1. Many go without a meal a day.

Problems faced by children in india essay

Though Governments are struggling hard to eradicate poverty, the increasing population and mismanagement of government schemes, have fueled the growth of poverty.

The population is growing at an alarming rate. In last ten years the population has grown by 0. The positive effects of development are nullified by increase in population.

Hence there is an urgent need to curtail population growth, by adopting strict family planning programmes by government. By strict implementation of these schemes poverty can be reduced to a substantial extent. This large number of unemployment is of great concern and governments are devising new and effective schemes to curb this unemployment.

The Other Major Problems: Further the rural children have to work to contribute to their family income, thereby denying time for education.

Added to this lack of quality teachers is also a cause for decline in quality education. Poverty eradication and improvements of rural schools should be a priority area of concern for governments to address this problem. It ranks 72 among top most corrupt countries in the world.

In India corruption takes the form of bribes, evasion of taxes, misappropriation of funds, embezzlement etc. The main economic consequence of corruption, are loss to exchequer, an unhealthy environment for investment and increase in cost of government services. Apart from this Corruption also leads to an unethical society.

This increases the already existing gap between poor and wealthy. This may lead to unrest and destruction of modern societies. This social evil needs to be curbed so as to bring back moral values in the society as well as to fill the widening gap between the haveones and havenots.

The introduction of Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, its strict implementation and a moral fight against corruption may help in eradicating corruption in public life. Many youths in India, due to poverty and lack of education, have trodden the path of either terrorism or Naxalism.

The root cause of terrorism in India is attributable to partly to Logistic fundamentalism and partly due to regionalism. If we curb these two basic issues, by removing social inequality and religious tolerance, and equal development in all the states, these menaces can be easily controlled.But when we talk of India’s progress or achievement, we only think of the standard of living in cities.

Consequently the cities are flourishing and the villages are going down day by day. Problems of village life: At present, the condition of the life of the people living in villages is gloomy. In this essay, I will explore the main problems faced by young people today, the reasons they arise, and the possible solutions to these problems..

Firstly is a problem that most youths experience - peer pressure.

Problems faced by children in india essay

The most common form of peer pressure is that which comes from friends/5(11). The following are the major problems that the children are facing today! Militant use of Children: Children worldwide are increasingly being attacked ideologically by the extremists.

Trafficking and Slavery: Child abuse in form of trafficking and slavery has been widespread in most parts of the world in different forms. (1) The government does not have a clear idea of the magnitude of the problem, for one thing, the number of child labour is at least two and half times the figure of 17 million as revealed by many in ­dependent studies.

(2) The figure of rehabilitating two million child workers in servitude every year is . Children are the most important part of each society. There is no doubt that they are facing some difficulties nowadays. There are several reasons for these problems and various measures can be taken by parents to improve the situation.

Vulnerability of children leads to and is further created by the socio-cultural, socio political and socio-religious situations they are in. A child who is forced or born into a situation or discriminated group is at risk for abuse, neglect and exploitation.

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