Tda 2 8 health and safety


Tda 2 8 health and safety

Waasiq Ghalib TDA 2.

MU Health and Safety Check medicine is in date Check medicine is labelled with the right name Check how much has to be given and when Check route of administering medication: Once givenrecord in a book:




MU Health and Safety


The objectives of the policy should be applied to the head teacher and health and safety guidance should be understood by all other staff members.

All things are to be taken into consideration when in the setting to identify equipment and systems at work are safe including safe access to and from activities, the policy is implemented through the working environment in line with current legislation eliminating and controlling risks.

Teachers are required to inform and consult higher authority like the head teacher or other appropriate members when identifying a fault or hazard as it is also their duty of care if potential dangers occur and details of all accidents should be recorded and investigated to the best of their ability.

Daily safety checks should be made by all staff to prevent any sort of hazards and risks from occurring while the safety representatives of the school should make regular inspections paying attention to the welfare of facilities and school environment. Checks and monitoring is done on a day-to-day management of all health and safety matters in the school by teachers who have pupils under their care, investigations and risks assessments are to be carried out where necessary.

The head teacher ensures that termly inspections and risk assessments are carried out in all fields of the setting and submits inspection reports to governors to maintain order of the policy.

Information is passed on to appropriate people when there is a fault in classroom or outdoor activities etc so matters can be dealt with and also training is given to staff regularly so they can adapt to change when needed. Policies and procedures should be checked annually to ensure everything is in order.

Newsletter are given out on a weekly basis to create parental awareness about any new information like illness that are becoming common in school or any dangers that may be occurring in the local community in order to safeguard children.

All people in the school also have induction training days or activity days where everything is based around health and safety to encourage to be more safe in the setting, the training covers many or all aspects of health and safety including risk assessments, COSHH control of substances hazardous to healthfirst aid treatment and RIDDOR.

All staff should carry out risk assessments when in the classroom and find a way to manage the risks. The teacher is responsible for planning activities and should be aware of the environment around the children when doing so, taking into consideration the amount of space there is for the activity and the surrounding of the area if its an outdoor activity.

Roles Responsibilities Headteacher day to day management of all health and safety matters in the school, ensuring termly inspections and risk assesments are carried out. Liasing with governors on policy issues and any problems in implementing the health and safety policy.

Key stage leaders day to day management of all health and safety matters in the school, carrying out termly inspections and making reports to head teacher, passing on health and safety information received to appropriate people, arranging for staff training and information.

Daily assesments should be done with all equipment and when activites are being done. To follow safe working procedures personally. The UK government ratified the treaty in and must ensure the rights of the children in the UK are protected through law. These rights are extensive and include the right to education and the right for children to have their views respected.

Children & Young People's Workforce L2

Disability discrimination act Places a duty for schools to produce a disability equality scheme DES and an access plan.

Schools must encourage participation in all aspects of school life and eliminate harassment and unlawful discrimination Special educational needs and disability act Makes it unlawful for educational providers to discriminate against pupils with a special educational need or disability Race relations amendment act Outlines the duty of organisations to promote good relationships between people from different races Human rights act Sets out rights of all individuals and allows them to take action against authorities when their right have been affected.

Children act Sets out the duty of local authorities including schools to provide services according to the needs of children and to ensure their safety and welfare Disability discrimination act Protects the rights of all those with disabilities.

It also places a duty on school and other organisations to eliminate barriers to ensure that individuals can gain equal access to services Education act Sets out the schools responsibilities towards children with special educational needs.

Equality act Sets out the legal responsibilities of public bodies, including schools to provide equality of oppurtunity for all citizens, this brings together nine equality laws. This is the duty of the school to ensure this is not violated and is supported by high quality teaching in the classroom and outside it.

Participation of children is extremely important to the individual to help gain self- identity and good relations it is also the means of being successful.

This makes opportunities to talk to children and their parents and it helps build self-esteem for the young children. Equality of access means to ensure that discriminatory barriers to access are removed and allowing childrens individuals needs to be met.

Equal opportunities does not mean treating pupils the same rather it means treating the child according to their needs so they have access to the same oppurtunities. This is done by firstly understanding the barriers to their learning and then putting into place intervention strategies or additional support which raises achievement for pupils and helps them to recognise they have potential and it gives them a sense of identity.

It is what gives groups of people in our society their identity. To value and promote this in the school increases knowledge of different ways of life and children understand to respect all differences, children become aware of diversity, children feel accepted and it causes integration which is better for the community.

It is important to understand cultural diversity of the pupils within the school and particularly those you are supporting as this helps build a relationship with the child by making connections to their own lives, you need to understand their background and culture to relate to them and help them learn.

Diversity is recognised in schools by incorporating different cultures food, music or festivals in to the curriculum and this shows the value of appreciating the culture of others aswell as participating in them which makes children who are from a different culture feel valued and respected.

Prejudice is forming an opinion of an individual or a group which is not based on knowledge or fact rather its due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of diversity, this further leads on to labelling which when people demonstrate prejudice they often go on to label children.UNITS SHC 21 SHC 22 SHC 23 TDA TDA TDA TDA TDA MU MU MU CCLD MU22 Click on the quiz below and see how much you have learned.

Quiz on Health and Safety Click on the quiz below and see how much you have learned. Essay Health Safety And Safety At Workplace. occupational diseases are occurring every year around the globe (Soehod & Laxman, ).Workplace health and safety or occupational safety and health is a globally recognized discipline concerned with preventing and protecting the workforce from such life threatening hazards at workplace.

2 and 1. 3 Describe how health and safety is monitored in the setting and how staff are made aware of risks and hazards The school health and safety representative (the head teacher,**** in the case of **** School) carries out safety checks on a regular basis.

Health and Safety in a Forest School. This will open a new tab with the resource page in our marketplace. If you purchase it, you will be able to include the full version of . Essay on Tda Support Children and Young Peoples Health and Safety. Assessment task – TDA Support children and young peoples Health and Safety Task links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria , , and Describe how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting Health and Safety Legislation is there to protect everyone.

Tda 2 8 health and safety

Health and Safety in a Forest School. This will open a new tab with the resource page in our marketplace. If you purchase it, you will be able to include the full version .

Summary of TDA Support children and young people’s health and safety