The evolution of the iphone and how it took the market by storm

The stunning success and reputation that Apple Inc. The chief product which made Apple progress by leaps and bounds is iPhone.

The evolution of the iphone and how it took the market by storm

Today our lives move around mobile applications. Apps have made everything just a click away. For example this alarm clock app. Remember, the Snake Game?

Those were apps too! Earlier, a few Java games, a calculator or monthly calendar were all that came under the category of mobile apps. Nokia is still remembered for its famous Snake game on some of its earliest phones.

The phone integrated with the innovative concept of wireless email. Then came the first iPhone In JuneApple released its first iPhone which changed the game of mobile industry.

Come one, come all! Third-party apps are welcome Then came the moment which revolutionized the tech industry and made way for mobile-first startups.

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So, now the iPhone would support third-party applications using the Safari engine on the device. On launch day the marketplace featured apps. Apps for every gadget Apps soon became a part of all our gadgets, be it tablets or our personal computers.

In fact, few apps became a bigger hit on bigger screens. When apps went beyond mobile phones With 2 billion downloads in the four years, Angry Birds game is a household name. The app has got its own merchandise and is even coming out with a movie this year. Most of the apps started making money with ads and in-app purchases.

They are everywhere, even in our homes There are apps for home systemsto control temperature, control the lights, manage security etc. Apps can do everything and make you do almost everything There are apps for eating, drinking, sitting, standing and almost everything you do. They can even sense, feel, and touch.

The startup scene got bigger, thanks to apps Tech startups are the hottest in the startup space. In fact, tech entrepreneurs are the most influential people in the world today. So, what are the predictions?For example, Visa took its first step towards the disruption of the payments market by asking its lenders to test a system that works by sending money over blockchain.

The Evolution of the BlackBerry, From to Z You had to wear a headset.

The evolution of the iphone and how it took the market by storm

It took another year, and the BlackBerry , to deliver a true smartphone. But the Storm was an epic mess. Apple’s second attempt at a more affordable phone, the iPhone SE, revived the design of the 5S, jammed in the innards of the iPhone 6S, and put it in an aluminum package. According to the latest rumors, Apple plans to equip the next iPhone with a sapphire crystal glass display cover that would make its screen virtually unbreakable.

9to5Mac was the first to put.

Brick Phone

And to stay a leader of the ever-growing smartphone market, Apple keeps arming the iPhone with latest tech s and features. Although all the smartphones whether iPhone or Android comes with the lates t contemporary feature s, yet the latest iPhone XS is one step ahead of all.

Apple iPhone market share – additional information Apple has been amongst the top 5 smartphone vendors in the world since With the decline of Nokia and RIM, market leaders at one point.

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