Writing the research paper a handbook by winkler and mccuen

From to Winkler had sales territories as a bookman for Appleton Century Crofts textbook publishers, and later for Scott, Foresman. In he decided he could write textbooks as well as anyone. Over the years they have produced more than a dozen textbooks, most on rhetoric and writing. In addition to Winkler's textbooks, his body of work includes, among other books:

Writing the research paper a handbook by winkler and mccuen

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For private and personal issues, you may contact me at mr. Some topics present unusual diffi culties; others are simply a waste of time.

What follows is a summary of topics to avoid. If you find that lots of books have been written about your topic, then it is probably too big.

Search Results for: Anthony C. Winkler. book price comparison. Comparison Cart Email Alerts. Search Results For: Anthony C. Winkler Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook, Spiral bound Version. Anthony C. Winkler Jo Ray McCuen-Metherell. Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook (with Revised MLA and InfoTrac) (6th Edition) by Anthony C. Winkler, Jo Ray Mccuen-Metherell Spiral, Pages, Published Anthony C. Winkler (25 February – 18 September ) was a successful Jamaican novelist and popular contributor to many post-secondary English literary texts. His first novel The Painted Canoe (), although taking the most time to write and publish, was his most rewarding, allowing him to move on and produce his best known book, The Lunatic (), which earned him a spot on the.

Reference sources that multiply like flies; a bibliography that grows like a weed; opinions, data, and information that come pouring in from hundreds of sources—all indicate a topic that is too big.

The solution is to narrow the topic without making it trivial. Topics based on a single source The research paper is intended to expose you to the opinions of different authorities,to a variety of books, articles, and other references. Choose only topics that are broad enough to be researched from multiple sources.

A paper on the life of a person is one example of a topic that can lead to relying too heavily on a single source. Or, if your chosen person is a marginal figure whose fame barely fills the fifteen minute span in the spotlight said to be awaiting all of us, you might rely too heavily on a single biographical source.

As a general rule, if you choose to write about a person, it is better to come up with an approach that naturally allows the use of a variety of sources.

For instance, if you were writing about James Monroe, you might narrow your focus to the Monroe Doctrine, a topic that would require research into multiple sources. Naturally, whether your paper is too technical depends on the class for which it is written.

Topics that are trivial Your judgment must steer you away from trivial topics. The safest bet is also the most sensible one: Again, ask your instructor. Here are some topics that might strike some instructors as too trivial. For exampleFictional Detectives on Foreign Postage Stamps might strike some instructors, including us, as an insignifi cant topic.

Sometimes a topic is trivial because it is obvious.

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Likewise a paper on growing carrots in your backyard as a hedge against the possibility of a worldwide carrot shortage is not likely to inspire you to do your best writing. Topics that are overused Opinions on topics that have been the subject of heated public debate tend to harden into familiar postures, making them difficult to write about in a temperate tone.

Writing the research paper a handbook by winkler and mccuen

Numbered among those topics are abortion, teenage marriage, the legalization of drugs, euthanasia, capital punishment, substance abuse, global warming, and cruelty to animals.

We do not mean to say that these topics are unimportant; indeed their overuse is partly a measure of their importance in the public consciousness. But writers who tackle overused topics often parrot well-known prejudices as if they were unique. If you cannot help yourself and must write about an overused topic, at least try to approach it from a new angle.

Or if you feel compelled to write your paper on euthanasia, you might avoid the emotional hot spots by dispassionately analyzing the laws of your state that govern medically assisted suicide. Topics that are contemporary Students often are tempted to choose a contemporary topic, one that is being hotly debated at the moment.

The topic may be loaded with scandal, making it fascinating to the press and the general public. But contemporary topics are best avoided fortwo reasons: First, it often is diffi cult to fi nd unbiased sources; second, the information that is available usually comes from newspapers and magazines whose speculative reporting can make your documentation seem flimsy.

Intellectually solid papers should refl ect opinions taken from a variety of sources—books, periodicals, reference volumes, specialized indexes, and various electronic sources—which requires a topic that has weathered both time and scholarly commentary.

If you find yourself drawn to a too-contemporary topic, our advice is that you try to locate an equivalent in the past and write about that instead. I hope this article in today's posting will be useful for all ofus.You may use the format listed below or one of the formats from the official style guides:Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook, 6th edition, by Anthony C.

Winkler and Jo Ray McCuen, or The Business Student Writer's Manual and Guide to the Internet. Mccuen-Metherell jo ray mccuen jo ray mccuen jo ray mccuen , watch online, developing a research papers handbook. Net read synopsis and to write an essay and jo ray on robbery in 8 hrs!

reads free share files download ebook library 1/4 handbook, circular, almost buy should set the. Winkler, Anthony C. is the author of 'Writing the Research Paper: A Handbook', published under ISBN and ISBN Writing the research paper: a handbook with both the MLA and APA documentation styles.

by Winkler, Anthony C; McCuen, Jo Ray, Publication date Topics Report writing, Research. Internet Archive Books. Scanned in China. Written by Anthony C.

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