Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation

Landschaft mit Kirche bei Syrakus, Sommer Modern quarter calf and marbled boards, gilt leather label.

Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation

Spanish witnesses and others living in Spanish West Indies Witnesses Roderigo Alonzo — living at Cadiz; merchant; deponent; passenger on the Sampson [1] ; "borne att Bexer in Spaine eight leagues from Cadiz and is an Inhabitant of Cadiz" [2] ; Roderigo Alonzo deposed in support of the claim of Lorenzo de Veles that "hee this deponent came from the said Indies in the same fleete with him, and sawe him in the possession thereof at Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation Cruz in Nova Hispania where and in other parts of the Indies hee gained the same with traffique and merchandize, and at vera Cruz this deponent sawe him imbarque the same aboard the Admirall of the Spanish fleete bound for Cales, and at vera Cruz this deponent helped the producent to sewe up the said plate and mark the same, and helped to tell and sawe the telling of all the said peeces of eight, assisting therein the said producent, who assisted him in the like occasion" [3] Antonio Estevan de Balderas [alt.

Antonio Stephen da Bolderas; Anthony Stephen Bolderas] - living in Limma in Peru; borne at Madrid, Spain [4] ; came from Spain to West Indies inreturning to Spain in [5] ; "a batchelour and not of a settled habitation, using a voyaging manner of life in merchandize" [6] ; De Balderas deposed that he had "bin thirteene or fourteene yeares in the West Indies" [7] ; aged thirty-eight in October [8] ; claimant for silver and red wool laden on the Saint George and the Sampson, and also a witness for Manuel Gomez de Arosta and Anthony Chavez, both of Seville, who were assentistas to the King of Spain.

Claimed to know both men for twenty-five years [9] Juan de Losa Barona [alt. Correa added that " he hath bene long out of Spaine, and lived there but for a small space of tyme, and Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation he knoweth not the Lawes and Customes of Spaine" [21] Baetens mentions a "Manuel Correo" in a list of merchants and goods by year "Manuel Correo Hollands lijnwaad [?

Mollar in the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was alleged to be a Dutch ship, and was seized by the English with alleged goods in it from San Domingo in the island of Hispaniola.

He is described in March by John Van Lienen, the thirty seven year old commander of the Santa Maria, as "a Spaniard and subiect as this deponent taketh it of the king of Spaine, borne at Toledo and a batchelour, but saith this examinate hath seene a burger brief, whereby it appeared that the said Mexia was a burger of Amsterdam" [27] ; Jan Van Lienen's description of John Mexia de Herrera as a Spaniard, born in Toledo, matches de Herrera's self-description in his deposition in the Silver Ships litigation, in which he is described as "John Mexia de Herrera borne at Temblick in Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation Territories of the [?

Archbishop] of Toldeo in Spaine living for the most part at [? Thomas Sanchez de Orisa] - living in Lima in Peru for last twelve years; born at Validalid in Spain; emarked on ship in December to return to Spain; merchant; aged thirty-five in May ; witness [29] ; Antonio da Ponte [alt.

Don Antonio de Ponte] - "of Garachicho in the Island of Tenariffa", but appears to have lived in Caracas in the West Indies for eight years where he knew Lewis ffernandez Angell, prior to returning to Cadiz in in the Saint John Baptist via Havana [30] ; merchant; aged twenty-nine in May ; witness [31] ; passenger from Cadiz in the Sampson; signs his name "Don Antonio deponte guzman y Castilla" [32] ; Antonio da Ponte's servant, Pasquall Andrada, gives a rather different impression, stressing his master's family living at Teneriffa, but had clearly been travelling with his master in the Spanish West Indies.

Pasquall Andrada stated that: And he is a subiect of the King of Spayne and hath his family at Garachicho aforesayd, And for many yeares of this deponents knowledge, having lived with him four yeares as a servant, hath traded as a merchant betwixt the West Indyes the Canary Islands Spayne and other places under the dominion of the sayd King of Spaine" [33] Lorenzo da Veloes [alt.

Lorenzo de Veles; Laurance da Velez] — living in Indies and at Cadiz "as occasion offers"; born at Dunkirk; Lawrence de Veles stated "this rendents father was a Spaniard, and hath rendent was borne at Duinkerk, and hath for theis eighteene yeeres upwards lived att Cadiz aforesayd where he hath his family" [34] ; Lorenzo de Veles stated in December that "he was borne att dunkirke, and liveth for the most part att Cadiz and sometymes in the Indies trading betwixt Spaine fflanders and the Indies as a merchant [35] ; deponent; "this deponent [Lorenzo de Veles] saw all and singular the before mentioned sylver in the possession of the sayd Arangall and Mannrga att Mexico in the Indies where they bought the sylver" [36] ; sylver laded aboard the Sampson was on September 27th new style [37] ; carried cases of bon lace of Flanders to Nova Hispania for Abraham van Hembeck of Antwerpen [38] ; Lorenzo de Veles stated about himself that "he was borne at Dunkirke.

Alonso] - living at Cadiz; merchant; aged thirty-three in May ; witness [50] ; travelled as a passenger in the Sampson [51] ; Roderigo Alonso deposed in May in support of the claim of Lorenzo da Velez that "Laurance da Velez was and is a native of Dunquirke as hee hath bin informed and was and is a subiect of the Kinge of Spaine and for such commonly accompted and reputed, and hath for many yeares last namely for nineteene yeares of this deponents knowledge traded from Spaine to the West Indies and carried many goods with him from fflanders and Spaine to the said Indies, which hee knoweth having gonne five severall voyages with him thither" [52] Pedro Arangel [alt.

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Coyrodge] neere the ffranciscans college in vera Cruz" [58] Thomas Sanchez de Vacar [alt. Antonio Ala sic Rosa] - living in Seville; "he this deponent was borne att Sevill in Spayne, and when in Spayne inhabiteth att Sevill" [59] ; mariner; aged thirty-two; passenger on the Sampson from Cadiz; has known claimant Lewis ffernandez Angell for sixteen years [60] Thomas Juan [alt.

Domingo Padilla] - living in Saint Lucar; merchant; aged twenty-nine when deposed in March in support of the claim of Anthony Rodriguez for silver on the Salvadore; came passenger from Cadiz to Ostend on the Sampson [64] see "clayme of Domingo da Padilla of Cadiz merchant for 12 butts of Sherry wines taken and seized in the shippe Sampson whereof Octavio George is Captaine" [65] Symon Pargents - living at Cadiz; merchant; aged 27 years [66] John Baptista Sabino - living in Cadiz, but born in Genua; aged twenty-seven in November ; merchant; passenger on the Sampson from Cadiz; John Baptista Sabino stated that "hee this deponent is a Genoese by birth and hath lived at Cadiz in Spaine for the space of Cadiz, or more probably at Saint Lucar Anthonie Lois, XXX, deposed that at Cadiz "one Michael Perry senior one of the said producents ffactors did also then and there for the producents accompt lade or cause to be laden in the said shipp the said two barrills of sweet Lemmons, and two barrills of olives of the same marke to be transported in the said shipp Michael van Lubkin Master to Dunquirke in fflanders" [68] ; presumably Michael Perry senior is the father of the twenty eight year old Michael Perry Severino of Saint Lucar, who appears multiple times as a deponent John Vorvoort, Antwerp based cashier and booke-keeper to John Smeesters in Antwerp, had never been to Spain.

These include "Alsook IBbrief van N.

Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation

Perry, 26 maart " [73]and "IBbrief van N. Perry, 2 maart en 26 mei " [74] ; Baetens also identifies a "Francisco Perry" [75] A document in the J.

The document metdata state: Invoice by Michiel Burnley for cargo shipped from Dunkirk to Dover on consignment of Michel Perry for order of Pedro Henriquez in San Lucar, " [76] A related document, which may be an insurance policy, is dated June 25th and is "to Pedro Henricques in Antwerp on merchandise in the ship La Reformation", sailing from Dover or Dunkirk to Cadiz in Hille wer den Ven] [83] Nicholas Alleman - living at Cadiz; victualler; Miguel Severino Perry stated that "the sayd bills of lading were signed respectively as aforesayd by Pedro del Campo, and Christian Cloppenbergh in the howse of Nicholas Alleman a victualler in Cadize, and this deponent saw them signed as he hath predeposed" [84] Domingo Antonio - living at?

Cadiz; factor of George [da] Etton Head, together with Peter Claesson [85] Manuel Gomez de Arosta - living at Seville; merchant and assentista of the King of Spain; claimant for wool in the Salvador; known to the deponent Antonio Estevan de Balderas for twenty-five years [86] John Baptista - living at Seville; one of four Spanish factors of John Bollart, merchant of Antwerp; according to Michael Perry Severino himself resident in SevilleJohn Baptista was "a native of Sevill and liveth in the street de Rosario" [87] ffrederick Bevia alt.

Calonsesa] - living at Cadiz; Spanish factor of Robert [? Anthony de Chavez] - living at Seville; merchant and assentista of the King of Spain; claimant for cochineale in the Salvador; known to the deponent Antonio Estevan de Balderas for twenty-five years [] Laurance Darlez - present at Cadiz; possibly Spanish; possibly a merchant [] Luis Crasco Dias -?

And aboard the arlate shipp Saint George twelve barrs of sylver weighing sixteene and two cases or trunkes with linnen and table, plate and a bagg of moneyes contayning two hundred and and fifty peices of eight more or less all the sayd plate money and goods to be carryed transported in the sayd shipps respectively for the use accompt and Risgo of the sayd John Mexia de Herrera to be delivered att Ostend to himself or Agents for his use and Accompt" [] Manuel Dias - living at?

Vicento del Campo] [] Pedro Escon y Enriques [alt. Enriques; Henriques; Henriquez -? Who is this mystery man? Escott], was a Cadiz based merchant commercially active in the s and s, and possibly later. Until recently we had believed Juan Escon to have been a native Spaniard.

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It now appears that he was an English merchant, who was English consul in Cadiz in the s, and who was involved with the English merchant Sir Benjamin Wright in financing the Spanish Crown in the s and s. We are keen to identify his English name, and to understand his family origins and commercial activities.

Can you help us? The context is a list as of of special licensees of Benjamin Ruit, who was the English merchant Sir Benjamin Wrightresident in Madrid.

En era concocida esta calle por de los Doblones, y en por de Juan de Escout.

Zollicoffer a 1987 dissertation

En obtuvo un D. Spain; a Spaniard according to John Martinsdorp; laded baggs of woolonto the Saint George [] Pedro ffrancisco - living in Xeres; merchant ffrancisco Garcia Guerera [alt.Andy dissertation larry matrix movie race trilogy wachowski How would one fail a master thesis defense?Zollicoffer a dissertation andy dissertation larry matrix movie race trilogy wachowski wachowski; online dissertation help Civil Essay: 3 Comments on Andy dissertation larry matrix movie race trilogy wachowski wachowski.

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